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The House of Windsor Must Fall by M. NourbeSe Philip

The House of Windsor Must Fall—but not before they pay reparations to the descendants of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

I do not care that Meghan and Harry are wealthy and live in Los Angeles in an expensive home—I care that they are exposing the obscenity that is the British monarchy.

I do not care that Meghan was wearing expensive clothes and jewelry—I care that the corporations that traded in Africans for some 400 years bore the imprimatur of the crown and that the British monarchy, once head of the British Empire, has never apologised for the crimes they and their citizens committed against African peoples, their land, their communities, their cultures and their religions. 

I do not care that Meghan is now better off than she was when she left the show Suits—I care that the cultural industries of the UK work overtime to erase, not just Britain’s involvement in, but the central role the latter played in this crime against humanity. (See Bridgerton)

I do not care if Meghan was pushy or aggressive (good on her, I say)—I care that the British monarchy has never paid reparations for their role in the enslavement and consequent dehumanization of Black and African peoples.

I do not care that Meghan identifies as mixed race and not Black—I care that anti-Black racism is alive and well in the United Kingdom.

I do not care that Meghan was concerned that Archie would not receive a title—I care that Black and African descended people accept awards from a long-standing criminal enterprise that works overtime to present itself as harmless and dispenses these awards as a way of managing its former subjects. 

I do not care if Harry is being influenced by Meghan (that’s their business, plus it’s a sexist trope, isn’t it?)—I care that the British government in 2018, after availing itself of badly needed labour from its colonies in the postwar period, attempted to deport thousands of former British subjects who came to the UK as part of the Windrush generation.

I do not care that Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah to dish, albeit respectfully, about the British Royal family—I care that the House of Windsor, formerly the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, must fall by BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and if this interview has landed some body blows—I counted at least three last night, then I am happy—very happy. And the ironies are far surpassing that it is an African-descended woman who reveals that, indeed, the Emperor is stark naked.

I want to dance on their graves. For my ancestors’ sake.


This blogpost was originally posted by M NourbeSe Philip on her Facebook profile and is being published here in consultation with the author.

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