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Zong! Fifteenth Anniversary Edition


Late but very much on time, we are delighted to welcome the fifteenth anniversary edition of Zong! As Told to the Author by Setaey Adamu Boateng. It was at times a very difficult — but always rewarding — journey for everyone involved in bringing this edition to the public. We stopped, started, stopped again, working always to speak truly, to listen, to hear and to walk the difficult walk that all change entails. We understand better now how ‘Zong! makes its own weather’ and we, everyone involved in this task, are simultaneously humbled and honoured to be a part of this journey of care, this journey into care and caring for those who were placed far beyond and outside of care. We may be late by some 242 years, but we are on time, in time, always.

nourbeSe, Kevin Adonis Browne, Julie Joosten, Joss Maclennan, Sarah Shin, Alice Spawls


Silver Press will contact all those who purchased the first printing of Zong! and opted for replacement copies to receive theirs in the coming weeks. Please email with any queries.

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