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‘I’m Pretty Rebellious’ – Edna Bonhomme Interviews Rachel Connolly

Edna Bonhomme, Silver Press Contributing Editor, spoke with Rachel Connolly about her debut novel, Lazy City. The text explores home and grief in the modern age. Near the beginning of the text, the protagonist, Erin, leaves London following the death of her best friend. Returning home to Belfast, an au pair job provides a partial refuge from her grief and volatile relationship with her mother. She spends late nights...

Rebecca May Johnson: Recipes as a Way of Life

Some of us find inspiration in making a meal, others abhor it. Wherever people's opinions lie, there is space for us to consider how we nourish ourselves. Rebecca May Johnson is a culinary academic who moves between different worlds, reveling in the enterprise of nourishment. As a writer, she invites people to find pleasure in cooking by encouraging people to notice the creamy center of a crème brûlée and the subtle aroma of elderflower. Johnson understands that cooking is immersive, therapeutic, and experimental, but finds a way to consider the feminimization...

The Space Crone Prize - Longlist Announcement


We are excited to announce the longlist for The Space Crone Prize for speculative and science short fiction. The special one-off prize, established by Silver Press in collaboration with The Ursula K. Le Guin Literary Trust, celebrates the publication of Space Crone by Ursula K. Le Guin, a selection of writings edited by So Mayer and Sarah Shin.  

Kay Gabriel: The Art of Illegibility


Interviewed by Edna Bonhomme.

Kay Gabriel is an essayist and poet who graduated from Princeton University with a PhD in classics. Gabriel is the author of two books of collected poetry, A Queen in Bucks County and Read more

Edna Bonhomme Interviews Shanice Octavia McBean

Silver Press editor Edna Bonhomme spoke with Shanice Octavia McBean about Black feminism, abolition and what she’s reading.

Shanice Octavia McBean is a Black writer and activist and co-author of Abolition Revolution. She grew up in Handsworth, Birmingham, before moving to Tottenham. Describing herself as a revolutionary and Afro-Marxist, she has also organised in Sisters Uncut, anti-racist groups and trade unions. The interview was edited and...