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Twist, Revolt, Survive: My Mother Laughs by Chantal Akerman

By Albertine Fox, originally published by The MUFF Society.

This short essay is a personal response to My Mother Laughs, a text-image book by the Belgian filmmaker and artist Chantal Akerman. I first read the text in French, a few years after Akerman’s suicide, and a year after my own mother’s death, and then in English translation. I looked at the images in the French edition, and then later in the English edition, where they are sometimes smaller in size or in a different position on the page. The permutations between one work...

Revolution is not a one-time event

Revolution is not a one-time event


Abolition is a perennial and open invitation to take the potential of revolutionary love seriously. In direct opposition to carcerality, abolition is a life-making principle: one concerned with creating new practices, spells and rhythms that make planetary life habitable for all. Abolition is the desire for more; a rejection of all the tenets...

Chantal Akerman en face à face: A festival launching My Mother Laughs

Chantal Akerman died by her own hand in 2015, leaving behind a vast body of work, including feature films, writing and installation art. 

Silver Press will be celebrating our publication of her final book, My Mother Laughs, with a festival in collaboration with A Nos Amours. 

My Mother Laughs is translated by Daniella Shreir, with an Introduction by Eileen Myles and Afterword by Frances Morgan. Published on 23 September and available to pre-order.

Tuesday 24 September, 6.30pm 

Chantal Akerman par Chantal Akerman: Screening and discussion, Regent Street Cinema


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Until 31 January 2019, we’re offering a 30% discount on each of our titles: The Debutante and Other Stories by Leonora Carrington, Talking to Women by Nell Dunn and Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde. Alternatively, you can get 40% off if you buy all three as a special bundle!


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A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde

Excerpted from Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde, with a Preface by Reni Eddo-Lodge and an Introduction by Sara Ahmed. 

For those of us who live at the shoreline
standing upon the constant edges of decision
crucial and alone
for those of us who cannot indulge
the passing dreams of choice
who love in doorways coming and going
in the hours between dawns
looking inward and outward
at once before and after
seeking a now that can breed
like bread in our children’s mouths
so their dreams will not reflect
the death of ours;

For those of us
who were imprinted with fear